Property condition survey:

When you are selling your property we will do a condition survey, which includes a visual inspection of the property with photographs. We will record our observations and write a short 3-4 page inspection report of the property. You can also order a moisture survey or thermal imaging as extra and their results will be appended to the report.

Building plan digitizing:

If you want to make renovating your property easier, we will make CAD drawings from your paper originals. Renovation planning will speed up and becomes more affordable when building plans can be submitted to the designer in digital form. The commission is determined by the extent and complexity of the required drawings. The resulting document will be given to the client as AutoCAD and pdf files.

Renovation planning:

When you are thinking about renovating your property but are not completely sure of its necessity, we can make you a maintenance plan from the condition survey and also a more comprehensive renovation plan if it is required. We can also help you with the application for a building permit from the municipality. The commission is determined by the extent and complexity of the plans.

Work-site supervision:

If you are starting your construction work and you need a representative to oversee that the building regulations are being followed, we will inspect the work-site according to an agreed time-table to observe the quality of the work and to give feedback and instructions when needed.


Sometimes you may need to get rid of some unwanted odors or tiny uninvited house guests. Ozonating your apartment or house is a good way to solve the problem. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer because the molecule has three oxygen atoms instead of the usual two as a result of a high-voltage electric discharge and will remove cigarette smells and biological agents effectively. Ozone is highly irritating to eyes and mucous membranes and it is therefore not allowed to be in the space during the procedure. All plants, pets and easily oxidized material should be removed from the space under treatment and after the procedure the space should be well ventilated for at least two hours. The usual treatment time is about two days. ATTN! Ozonation does not solve air problems caused by mold!